Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ahh, memories!
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So I love my insulin pump!  I've been on one since I was 14.  Which will be 14 years in April.  Times flies and all that.

So, Medtronic is attempting to get my insurance to cover an early upgrade from my 522 to the Revel.  Fingers crossed!

I am absurdly excited about this.  Not only for the predictive alerts and all that awesome stuff that the 522 doesn't have.  But also about color.

As you may have noticed in previous posts, my current pump is blue.  I have always--starting with my MM 507C--always had a blue pump.  And the standard MM blue hasn't changed much over the years.

So this time, I am branching out.  Trying something new.  I am (hopefully) getting...

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a purple pump!!!!!

And yes, I am way too excited about this. :)


  1. I have a purple Revel!!! I love all the new features. And I really love the purple. :) My old pump was . . . what do they call it? Smoke? Yeah, a fancy word for boring black. Huzzah for Purple!!

  2. I had the blue one, too! Now I have the paradigm, but I kind of wish I'd held out for the Revel.

    And mine's gray, too.

  3. Purple b/c ur Mother is addicted to it? Self defense maybe?

  4. I WANNA PURPLE PUMP!! i get a new one next year. maybe i will branch out from my classy black one :)

  5. I want a purple pump! I didn't know Medtronic was gonna make a purple one :(