Sunday, January 23, 2011

Note to Self!

Dear Self-

Hi, it's me.  So, I have a question for you.  You remember how when you and J were house hunting, how much you loved this house?  You know, the one you bought, the one you're sitting in?  Remember?

Ok, good.  Now, do you remember why you loved the kitchen so much?  How it was so open, light, and bright?  The white tile...the white cabinets?

Ahh, it's all coming back to you now, I see.  That's good.  So listen, self, I know you're not a morning person, and your brain doesn't really function without coffee, but seriously.  Please, please try to remember how much you love those beautiful white cabinets and wait for your finger to stop bleeding before you open them!!!

Thanks so much.  Now go drink your coffee!


  1. Ha! That's a good one Jess! You're leaving a trail that CSI could puzzle over for a while - at least until they found all your diabetes supplies and put 2+2 together, right?

  2. It's a love smudge. From diabetes to your kitchen. Sure, it's kind of like a cat leaving a dead mouse at your feet, but the sentiment was in the right place.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha. Only a diabetic ;o)

  4. Yeah...let's spray your kitchen down with luminol! I bet your kitchen would be bright enough to light a runway! LOL. Great post Jess.