Monday, January 17, 2011

What A Day...

You wouldn't believe the day I've had.  Really, you wouldn't.  Trust me.  It's ridiculous.

So, last night, my husband and I arrive home, only to discover that there is something very wrong with the garage door opener.  They are not supposed to make the sound that ours did.  Ok, no big deal, we'll call someone in the morning.

So I get up this morning, a lot earlier than usually (have to be at work super early), and walk into the kitchen to make coffee.  I think I see something out of the corner of my eye.  I walk back into the dining room just in time to see a mouse scurry across the floor into the kitchen.

And yes, I screamed.  A lot.  Woke up the hubs and scared him to death.  I did not, however, jump up on a chair.

So, after some banging around in the cabinets, no mouse.  Lovely.  Because of course my husband is flying out of town this morning for work.  Which leaves the mouse mess to me.  Super.

So, I go to work.  Only I forgot to leave a check for the garage door guy, so I have to turn around and head back so my dear brother (who is coming over so I don't have to miss work) can pay said repairman.

When my brother calls later in the afternoon, it's to tell me that our opener can't be fixed because it's so old they don't make parts for it anymore.  Yay for spending money--NOT.

Since we were closed today for training and got done early, I went to the gym.  I've really been trying to get back in the habit of going (my bgs seem to appreciate this).  I'm leaving the gym, all sweaty and proud, pull out my wallet, and see this:

My brand new, purchased with Christmas money Vera Bradley wallet, with a hole chewed in it!  Freakin' @#%&* mouse chewed a hole in my wallet!!! (Remember, teacher here, so no naughty words will be repeated).

It took all my self-control not to launch into a long string of profanities or burst into tears in the hallway full of families at the gym.  Of course, the hole means the mouse was in my purse, and of course I didn't notice until just now and have been using said purse and wallet all day.  Gross!!!

So now I'm REALLY angry at the mouse.  I head straight to Target and buy 8 mousetraps which are now baited with peanut butter and placed strategically around the house.

After setting the traps, I begin emptying the contents of my purse in order to wash them.  When I get to the bottom, I see this

At this point, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  This, of course, is my new Vera Bradley purse my parents bought me for Christmas.  And it now has a gigantic mouse hole chewed in the bottom. 

So I transfer my stuff to another wallet and purse, and head to dinner with my parents.  When I got back home, with fingers crossed, I checked all the traps, hoping to see a dead mouse.  But no luck.  They're all  empty.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  I figured out why the mouse was in my purse.  I keep granola bars in my purse for lows, and yes, one of them had been chewed open (sorry, I was so disgusted I didn't get a picture of it).

All I know is, I'd better see a dead mouse when I get up in the morning.

UPDATE Tuesday 8:20am

Guess who has a dead mouse this morning?  Success!!! Don't worry, I'm not going to take a picture.  It's a little sad how excited I was to see a dead mouse...


  1. Keep the traps out and baited. Usually if there is one mouse, there's a whole litter (6-8 juveniles plus the mother). The juvies will be anywhere from one to three inches long (excluding the tail); the mother will generally be about 3-4" long (excluding the tail). You can't be certain to be mouse-free (or anything approaching it) until you've caught the mother.

  2. I just had to do a double take in my mirror on the buffet table where I am typing this from...the liner of your purse is the same pattern as my Vera Bradley hat! Love that pattern.

    Anyway - GREAT JOB on the mouse and UGH on the garage door. I think we may be in need of new openers soon too...ours are ancient and don't seem terribly reliable.

    Good to "meet" you through here!