Friday, February 4, 2011

How Did That Happen?

So I've been pumping for a long time.  It'll be 14 years in August.  One of the hazards of pumping is getting stuck on things like doorknobs.  There's a lot of blogs (and vlogs) about this--my favorites happen to be Kerri's and Kelly's.

So getting tubing caught on a door knob is not new to me.  Happens all the time.  But this is a new one:

How did that happen?  Somehow, the doorknob managed not only to catch the tubing, but also to rip my pump out of my pocket.  And leave my set intact (yay).  Gives new meaning to the term "hanging out."

I can honestly say that in my almost 14 pumping years, this has never happened before.  And so I laughed a lot and took a picture.  Better than my pump falling on the floor! :)


  1. LOL. Joe hasn't had this happen yet. Maybe b/c he isn't tall enough, but trust me he will be soon...he is growing like a weed. I think it is amazing that these "events" don't happen more often considering the pumps are worn 24/7!

  2. OH no! That hasnt happened to J..knock on sure he will freak out when and if it does lol. Yay for the intact site!

  3. The freaky attraction of insulin pump tubing to doorknobs - Been there, done that!
    Great pic & thanks for the shout out!
    Kelly K