Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I hate lows.  I know most people with D hate it, but I was reminded just how much the other night.

I was doing a little shopping.  Walking into Marshalls,  I hear the familiar beep of my CGM.  It says 77 with a down arrow.  Hmmm.

So I stop in the shoes to check my bs (btw, those shelves they put the shoes on are at the perfect level for holding a meter).  A 60 pops up on the screen.  Ok, 60's not bad.  So I pop three glucose tabs in my mouth and start shopping.

A few minutes later, I hear the CGM beep again.  This time it says 65 with a down arrow.  Hmmm.  You know, I really should be feeling better by now.  So I stop again (this time in housewares) and a big, ugly 42 is staring back at me.  42? Really?

My low symptoms have hit me like a ton of bricks now.  The shakiness, the sweating, the fuzzy feeling--ugh!  Ok, fine.  So I pop my remaining three glucose tabs in my mouth, and find a nice leather ottoman to sit on and wait.  Because of course I'm by myself.  Have to drive myself home, but I ain't goin' nowhere for a while.

So I get on Twitter to vent my frustrations.  After some urging from Kim and Alexis, I make my way over to the candy aisle.  After glancing at the shelves, I find something I actually really love--chocolate covered cherries.  Yum!

I manage to limit myself to only 8 or 10 (and yes, I paid for them, after ripping into the bag).  After a while, there's a much more pleasant 97 staring up at me.    That's more like it!

The other annoying thing?  I only went to Marshalls for some kitchen tongs, and of course they didn't have any.  Oh well.  At least they have candy!


  1. Jess that stinks! But glad the DOCers urged you to the candy aisle. That was a brilliant move...and bummer on the tongs.

  2. I remember that tweet! So glad you got the cherries (yummo) and all turned out ok!

    See this is why we should shop together! :)