Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've mentioned before how wonderful and supportive my husband is.  In addition to all of that, he doesn't complain about me spending copious amounts of time on Twitter, and listens to me ramble on about whatever posts by fellow bloggers were fantastic on a given day.

This may take the cake.

My previous post titled Note To Self! is about me leaving blood smears around the house.

Last night, we had the following conversation.

Him: "There's blood on the lightswitch in the bathroom."

Me: "Oops, sorry about that."

Him: "Do you want me to leave it there so you can take a picture?"

How could I not post a pic after that?  So here you go:

Thanks for being so supportive, honey! :)


  1. He's a gem, sweetie. You are very blessed with a wonderful husband. Even tho you're a little strange...

  2. Nice! Now that is D-Blogger support right there. What a guy. :)

  3. I love it!!!! That's D-Blog support above and beyond!

  4. hahahaha. I love it! That is awesome supportive. The other morning I texted my husband the pageviews on my blog. The reply I got was "oh, you mean your blog, thank God that wasnt our sons blood sugar"....