Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So J and I moved into our house about a year ago.

We still have a ton of boxes left to unpack (shocking, right?).  Last week, we purchased a mattress for the guest room.  Which is currently full of boxes.

So this weekend, J and I decided to get some spring cleaning done.

Papers were filed, boxes were sorted through, things were put in the donation box or the trash.  Whew!  Exhausting stuff.

Part of what I sorted through was a couple boxes of D supplies.  Now, remember, we just moved a year ago.  Why on earth do I still have all this stuff?

Seriously?  I really moved all this crap?  Why?  So here's what I found:
  • empty Quick-set boxes
  • empty reservoir boxes
  • Minimed supply catalogs circa 2006
  • an empty IV3000 box
  • an empty Skin-Prep box
  • Minimed computer software circa 2005
  • oh, and this stash of expired Sof-sets from who-knows-when

Now there were a few things I was excited to see:

Two 50-unit syringes (yay, I can add them to my current backup stash of one...), a Sof-serter, and an unexpired reservoir.  Woohoo!

But what I was most surprised to see?  This:

Three meters!  Count 'em, three!  Now, this does not count my UltraLink or my backup UltraSmart.  One Accu-Check Aviva and two BD Logic meters.  Didn't even know I had them.

Isn't it amazing what you can find?

So I cleared out all the trash (yes, I recycled the paper products) and wouldn't ya know, there's a lot more room in that closet.  And I feel like I actually accomplished something this weekend.

Please let me know if you (or someone you know) is in need of one of these three meters (the Aviva and Logics) or a Sof-serter.  I'd love for them to go to someone who can actually use them.

And I'm so using that long-lost reservoir on my next set change!


  1. Is my basement next - all your stuff you left until you found a permanent home? The youth is having a garage sale - what can we give them?

  2. I started spring cleaning also and my spare room is next on the list. Now I am afraid of what I will find - I know I have some of that stuff (other than pump stuff since I just started pumping).

  3. I finally threw away my Ping box last month. It's been in my closet for a year:(
    Looking forward to meeting you on Friday!

  4. good for you - nothing like a spring clean !

  5. haha, yes, that's what happened to me on my last clearout - i found a few empty boxes, some things well past their expiration date, and several meters (though all broken - one without battery, one with broken lancet, and one with no strips)!

    it's a good feeling to have everything organised, isn't it?

  6. I'm laughing at all of the empty boxes you found!! But big score on the treasures that were there. Maybe Act1 ( would take the meters? I'm not sure if they need them to be new / in the box.