Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The past few days have been rather frustrating.   My blood sugars have been stuck.

Usually, when they're stuck, it's on the high end.  But the past few days, I've been stuck on the low end.

And I HATE that.

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I absolutely HATE lows.  They scare the crap out of me.  On Sunday, I bolused for breakfast, went low, and didn't bolus for anything else I ate all day until a small one at dinner.  Then there were overnight lows. Thank God for my CGM.  Same thing on Monday.  And yesterday.

So now the basal testing will commence.  Making myself wait a few days was REALLY HARD.  I wanted to make sure it wasn't some kind of fluke thing.  All my info has been uploaded too, and my CDE should call today with her suggestions.

I have no idea why this is happening.  Maybe it's the changing weather?  Maybe it's the fact I'm actively trying to exercise multiple times a week?  Maybe there's not a reason.  Who knows?  I'm trying to just go with it and not drive myself crazy trying to figure out why.

We all go through periods where are bgs are stuck at number that scare the living daylight out of us.  For me, that's low.  I read an amazing post from my Twitter friend Dustin's blog about the numbers that scare him.

Reading Dustin's story helped me feel better about the whole situation.  Life with D can be terrifying, plain and simple.

But it could always be worse.  Basal rates and insulin to carb ratios will be played with.  I will get this figured out.  Thanks for all the support!


  1. I am right there with you. In basal adjustment mode now. My problem at the moment is that I change one thing, and then another thing goes out of whack. Getting those numbers right where you want them is such a challenge. Hopefully your CDE can help you tweak things and get back where your "normal" is. Good luck!

  2. Weird. Cause my son has been running low Sat-Mon. Yesterday, normal. Today, lows again. I do not get it. So do I wait 3 more days before I change his basals? IDK, frustrating.

  3. In all 'our' years of D - you never did have any pattern that we could discern. Why start now? No - really - you'll get if figured out, eventually. Just try not to drive yourself up the wall with it in the meantime. Remember - big picture..

  4. too...I am backing off of a few things right now. I find once the weather starts to warm...we have to re-adjust quite a bit. xoxo

  5. It might be the activity level! I know when I get in a good groove with exercising, my blood sugar tends to keep dropping -- even hours after the activity. Also, I notice I need to switch my bolus ratio or lower my basal. Lows suck! Hope you get it figured out soon!