So I just signed-up to participate in WEGO Health Blog Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Prompts!  Yikes!  This means I will be blogging every day for a whole month!  Double yikes!

I apologize in advance if you get my blogs through email, because it means you will likely be inundated.  Sorry.  Also, I usually put links to all my posts on Juvenation and TuDiabetes.  I’ll still link to some of the posts, but not all of them (seems like that would be a bit much).  So stay tuned to the blog daily to see what the prompt is!

I am excited about the challenge, and I hope I can do this!

Today’s prompt is to write an acrostic about your condition.  Despite being a teacher, I’ve not written an acrostic poem in a long time.  So here goes…

Diabetes does not define me
will not let it
As it is a part of me
But it is not the sum of who I am
Every day brings new challenges
The high blood sugars, the low blood sugars, and
Everything in between
Still, I have diabetes.  It does not have me.