Today’s prompt sounds nice and easy: “write a health question and answer it.”

Easy enough, right?  Maybe not though.  People with Type 1 Diabetes (as with most other health conditions) field questions on a regular basis.  Some are thoughtful questions, asked by people who are genuinely interested in understanding.  Others questions, however, are just plain stupid.  Sigh.

So what do I pick?  Hmm, let me think….

Ok, the most common question I get is….drumroll please…

Can you eat that?

Double sigh.  There are many variations on the question.  Sometimes, it’s asked by someone who’s brought some yummy dessert to an event and they’re apologizing because they don’t think I can eat it.

Sometimes, it’s asked by one of my students as I’m eating something, like candy or cupcakes, at a class party.

Sometimes, it comes up in conversation when I tell someone I have D.

My answer does vary depending on the circumstance.  If it’s a child, or someone who genuinely seems sincerely concerned, I try to correct their misunderstanding as nicely as I can.

Yes, I can eat that.  Everything you eat turns to glucose.  As long as I take insulin for it, I can eat it. Now, some things are harder to figure out than others, and if I don’t know the carb count, then I have to guess.  So do I eat every sweet that passes in front of me?  No.  But I could if I wanted to.

If the person is rude (or completely clueless) I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Yes, I can eat that, thank you very much.

Now, this is not what I REALLY want to say.  I really want to say something like:

  • back off, D-police!
  • should YOU be eating that?
  • No, actually, I’m not allowed to eat anything at all.

Actually, what I truly get the urge to say is, “sure I can eat that.  The only thing I can’t eat are cookies…made with poison.”

*watch the video for explanation.  MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER!  It’s most definitely worth it!*