Today’s Prompt:  Who is someone you really admire?
Well, I really don’t know what to write that wouldn’t be repeating myself.  I’ve already written multiple posts about several people I admire.  Here’s a recap, in no particular order.
I’ve blogged about my amazing parents multiple times.  My mom and dad are both heroes to me, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.
Another person I admire so very much is my grandpa.  And Poppa is doing very well now.  Thanks to everyone who helped me through that difficult time.
My wonderful husband is someone else who continually amazes me.  Not only is he incredibly supportive in all areas of my life, but he’s wicked smart too.  I could brag on him all day.
And finally, there’s my friend Barb.  She is going through a lot right now.  But her positivity and contagious energy is truly inspiring.  Seriously, go check out her blog.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired too.