Friday, April 8, 2011

Never-Ending (HAWMC Day 8)

Today's prompt: write a poem where every line is a question.


Why do the questions never seem to end?
Not only those others ask, but I ask myself?
Why is my blood sugar high
when I've eaten this same thing before?

Did I not bolus early enough?
Is my insulin to carb ratio off?
Were there more carbs than I thought?
Should I have done a combo bolus?

Should I do some basal testing?
Are there bubbles in my tubing?
Am I getting sick?
Is it that time of the month?

Will the questions ever end?


  1. Your pattern has always ben NO pattern. You've learned to do so well w/that - as frustrating and exasperating as that is. You deal (most of the time) with faith & grace in a much better fashion than I ever would/could. Do not sell yourself short! You amaze me!

  2. All good questions!
    I hate standing there, looking at the meter, and trying to figure out, "How'd that happen?"