Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lies (HAWMC Day 14)

Todays' prompt: let’s make lists that are 5-10 lines long – each line being a lie or misconception about your health condition.

I ate too much sugar as a kid
Life with D is no big deal
My diabetes can be reversed or cured
All lies

My D is mostly invisible
You can't tell just by looking
The toll it takes
Physically and emotionally
Don't believe the lies


  1. My second-cousin's uncle's niece reversed hers
    I'm going to loose my foot just like so-and-so's grandpa
    I never have moments of despair
    I'm not entitled to suffer because others have it far worse
    Sometimes... they just don't get it

  2. You forgot to say that it's cause you're tooo, tooo sweet! And that your 'sour days' counteract it! Love ya!