Today’s prompt: just attempt to capture a moment as realistically and nonjudgmentally as you can.  Today write something that’s mindful. That means forgo writing critically using abstractions and big ideas and just live in the reality of the moment you choose to capture.  

I am at my church.  At night.

I have attended church here my entire life.  Spent countless hours roaming the building.  

I open the heavy door and enter the sanctuary.  It is big.  It is dark.  It is quiet.  The only light in the sanctuary comes from the cross.  The cross is on the wall at the front of the room.  It is a golden color, though you can’t see that now.  It is backlit, and this is the only light in the vast room.

I make my way slowly up the center aisle.  My shoes make no noise on the carpet.  I reach out and put my hand on the side of the wooden pew.  My hand bounces from pew to pew as I walk, but gently enough to not make a sound.  

I keep walking until I reach the steps that lead up to the altar.  Here, I stop and stand.  The cross shines, lighting up the altar.  Above me, way up by the ceiling, is the only stained glass window in the church.  I cannot see it in the dark, but I know it is there.

It is Jesus, holding out his arms.   Three phrases appear in the window: “My peace,” “I give,” “Unto you.”  The way the window is designed, they can be read in any order.

My peace I give unto you.
I give unto you my peace.
My peace unto you I give.
Unto you I give my peace.
I give my peace unto you.
Unto you my peace I give.