Today’s Prompt: Dr. Seuss Day! Write a post with as many rhymes as you can.

Oh boy, oh boy, what to say?
How many rhymes can I make today?
Dr. Seuss is my favorite, and if I may
I’m counting on him to show the way.

My life is not exciting as a book
Written by him, but let’s take a look.
There are no colorful creatures hiding in every nook
Or crazy concoctions that need a cook.

No Grinch, no Whos, though I do know a Sam
But this does not explain who I am.
Don’t offer me green eggs and ham
But I do like tweets that start with #BAM

I have diabetes, it does not have me.
Come step in my shoes and you will see.
Sometimes things are crazy as can be
But I know I can count on the DOC!