Today’s prompt: I write about my health because…

I write about my health for three reasons.

One, I write about it for me.  The blog, as well as Twitter and Juvenation, are places where I can vent.  If I have a terrible bg day, I can say that, and other people with D know EXACTLY how I feel.  There’s no need to explain or validate–they just know.

And when I’m struggling and write a post about it (like this one, or this one, or this one) the support and love I receive is overwhelming.  Thank you.

Ok, reason number two.  I also write about my health for other people, especially other PWD.  The first people I found online were C and Kim.  I met both of them through Juvenation, and eventually found the rest of the DOC.  Ladies, you are rockstars!  Reading blogs of other PWD as well as parents of CWD helps me more than words can explain.  You know that “D Blogs I Adore” list to the right?  Yeah, I really do read ALL of them.  I know it sounds cheesy, but if something I write can help even one person to not feel alone, then it’s all worth it.  That’s all I want.

The third reason is to advocate.  I want to take a minute here to thank all my non-diabetic friends and family who read this blog.  Thank you so much!  I know it can be a lot to muddle through–plenty of strange terms and boring details–but the fact that you read it and you care means so much to me.  It really does.

Helping those without D understand what it’s like to live with it is a form of advocacy.  So is traveling to DC and sending emails and phone calls to publications who are reckless in their discussion of D.

So, in short, I write about my health for my own to receive support, give support, and advocate.  That’s it.

Thanks for listening.  Err…reading, I guess…