Today’s prompt: Just find a picture or photograph online (Flickr Creative Commons is a great resource) that inspires you in some way and free write about it. It may inspire you positively or negatively. Give yourself exactly 15 minutes to write without stopping. And though you may want to –don’t think!

*Disclaimer: as per instructions, this post will be published without editing…gulp!  So please forgive any errors.  My former-writing-tutor self is freaking out right now…*

Ok, so here we go.  In searching through the pictures on Flickr, this one, Untitled by kizzzbeth really struck me.

I’m not really sure why I love this so much.  I like trees.  I’ve always liked trees.  The neighborhood I grew up in has a lot of trees.  I don’t really like newer housing developments because of the staggering  lack of trees.
Normally, I like trees with a lot of leaves.  Big, bright green ones.  Or trees in fall.  I LOVE trees in fall.  The college I attended had an abundance of maples trees.  Autumn on that campus is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen to this day.  Breathtaking.
Generally speaking, I think trees are kinda ugly when they lose their leaves.  They look naked and kinda sad.  Except when they’re covered in sparkly snow–I like that.
But I really like this tree in the picture.  Even though it’s naked.  Something about how all the branches are so twisted and curved in upon itself.  It’s quite beautiful.
And how can I relate this back to diabetes?  Um, I really have no idea.  Except to say that sometimes, in the monotony that comes with the daily grind of D, something unexpected can pop up and surprise you.  In a good way.