Today’s Prompt: Spirit Animal Day.  A spirit animal (or power animal) is a figure used to represent one’s inner qualities embodied by an animal.  Give your health or condition a spirit animal.
Ok, so I was having a lot of trouble getting inspired for this prompt.  The obvious animal is a unicorn, but Ashley already took that one!
So I tweeted.  Asked for help from my twitter friends.  And my friend Briley said, “turtle.  it lives forever.”
And I LOVE this.  
The spirit animal for my diabetes is a turtle.  It is rather innocuous looking at first glance.  Moves very slowly.  And as Briley said, it lives, maybe not forever, but for a really long time.  And my D is with me for the long haul.  
Though turtles may seem harmless, some are not.  Remember snapping turtles, anyone?  They can lash out and strike when you least expect it.  
But turtles are slow.  And no turtle’s gonna stop me! 🙂