Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Health Insurance Companies...

Today's Prompt: Letter writing day. Whomever you choose as a recipient, today is the day to tell them what you are feeling.

DBlogWeek2011ButtonMad props to my husband today.  I didn't know who to write a letter to for today's post.  He says, "Well, why don't you write to insurance companies?"

Bingo!  He then says, "just try not to make it 20 pages long."  Thanks, babe.  The health insurance I have now is quite good.  But I've done plenty of time with insurance that was not so good.

So here goes...

Dear Health Insurance Companies of the World:

Hi, my name is Jess, and I have Type 1 Diabetes.  I've had it for almost 18 years now.  Which makes me a pro at dealing with your nonsense.

Life with any type of diabetes in hard.  Type 1, Type 2, LADA; the accompanying emotional roller coaster ride does not discriminate.  This is the side that you most people do not get to see.

Life with diabetes is hard enough without having to worry about how the hell to pay for all the necessary tools and equipment.

Really, there is enough stress.  You don't need to add to it.  Some days are ok, and others are absolutely awful! I HATE how I sometimes allow my blood sugar to dictate how I feel about myself at any given moment.  Not to mention the physical symptoms that come along with a high or low.  Go peruse some other D-blogs and you'll see why we call it an emotional roller coaster.

I need to see my endocrinologist.  Frequently.  And have lab tests done.  All this adds up really quickly.

Yes, I do really need 10 test strips a day.  Sometimes I need more.

Insulin?  I have to have it in order to not die.  That's simple enough, right?

Having an insulin pump has literally saved my life (see this post).  My parents and endo had to jump through all kinds of hoops with our insurance at the time to get me my first pump.  And of course, those sets and reservoirs are necessary too.

And CGM?  This is something A LOT of insurance won't cover.  That needs to change.  Now.  Having a CGM has changed my diabetes management completely.  I don't fear going low as much as I used to, which allows me to keep my blood sugars in a lower range.  Good for the A1C.  All diabetics should have access to CGM systems.

So, dear health insurance companies, can you please just pay for the things we need?  It would make our lives so much easier.  Take some of the stress away.  All diabetics deserve to have everything we need to take care of our health.

Can't you see?  Having all these tools makes us better able to take care of ourselves.  Which helps to lower A1Cs.  Which lessens our risk of complications.  Which means you'll spend less money on us in the future.

It makes sense, if you think about it.  So please, just pay for what we need.  Thank you very much.


*This post is directed at all insurance companies, not the company that insures me, nor any other company in particular.*


  1. I wish Insurance had some real idea of anything medical right? If they did they would know how much money all this stuff would save them in the end! Good letter :)

  2. Great letter, Jess! Better than I could have done in writing a letter to any insurance company I've had through the years... instead, mine would simply say: "FU, Insurance Company!" Cupcake props to you for being more eloquent in your written expression.

  3. :) Love it...to date, we have been fortunate in this department. I cannot wait for some "day-in-the-life" insurance BS so I can go all "Reyna" on them.

    (((HUGS))) and I haven't heard the phrase "Cupcake Props" that Mike used above. That is good!

  4. perhaps you can send a copy of that to the governments as well...they really need to read it!

  5. Terrific letter!

    I just don't understand why items like CGMs and an increased number of test strips are not covered. As you pointed out, they increase the likelihood of better A1Cs, which lessens the risk for complications, which lessens the risk that they'll have to pay more for our medical expenses. It makes perfect sense to me. Why don't the insurance companies get it? Why are some people limited to 100 or 150 test strips per month???

    Excellent post!

  6. awesome! As someone who has no insurance from themselves and had no insurance for justice from dx till last year i appreciate this!

    Why should my dad finance the pump? Why am i running out of strips? Why did scott have to donate a dex to us?

    Insurance should handle this!!

    Thank god for you guys or we would be ....f*cked. Love ya!

  7. Great letter! I have been very lucky, my insurance company has been amazing and I have no complaints.
    I wish this were true for everyone!

  8. Great job, Jess. Cupcake props (love it, MH) to your hubby too for the great idea.

  9. I thought about the insurance company for my letter but - I might have done even more than 20 pages. It should not be a fight ever. It's annoying and frustrating and just plain sucks.
    Oh well.
    Good letter!

  10. SO FREAKING TRUE. Great letter! I'm a type-1 that can't afford to pump. Totally blows. I hate all the hoops that my insurance company makes me jump through...probably adding stress and further complications to an already complicated body.

  11. It makes SO much sense if you think about it!

    Amen sistah! Amen!

  12. "Having a CGM has changed my diabetes management completely.  I don't fear going low as much as I used to, which allows me to keep my blood sugars in a lower range.  Good for the A1C.  All diabetics should have access to CGM systems." BAM! There it is! Great post Jess

  13. You should really send this letter to your health insurance! It's so true and annoying!

  14. If only we were covered for a limitless supply of test strips...

  15. Brilliant idea for the letter, so glad you shared it!

  16. Awesome awesome letter!!!! I really hope some insurance companies find your blog and get to read this. If so, my mission for today's topic will be complete. ;)