Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last week, I attended a Type 1 Talk event with my local JDRF chapter.  Scott was there too, and he wrote a great post about the meeting here.

I love Scott's post, and agree with what he said.  But I wanted to share my own thoughts as well.

This was the first JDRF event I've attended since I was a kid.  Actually, that's not quite true.  My husband and I did our local walk two years ago by ourselves.  But I felt so lonely at the walk that I didn't want to do it again last year.  So I didn't.

Now, if I could do it with some other local PWD, then I'd jump at the chance!

Anyways, back to the meeting.  Besides the yummy salmon salad I had, there was some great conversation.  I meet some wonderful new people.  I did sit by Scott at first, since I'm kind of shy and he was the only one I knew.  But everyone was really friendly, and it was great to talk and swap stories.

I've written before what I think about the JDRF supporting adult PWD.  Living with D as an adult is HARD!  We need support, and Regan (the Outreach Coordinator) and my local JDRF chapter are taking some great steps in that direction.  Connecting with others in my community going through the same thing is wonderful.

There was a lot of discussion about what we want the group to look like and the kinds of things we want to do.  I left feeling encouraged and empowered, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for our small but mighty crew.  I'm looking forward to getting more involved!


  1. I haven't read Scott's post yet, but I am so glad to see that you could see the progess that is being made within JDRF to make all of the adults with Type 1 know that JDRF is there and fighting for them as well as just the kids. It is now going to happen overnight, but is sounds like your chapter is doing a great job! We PWoD's DO know that living with D (at every age) is a really tough thing to do and want a cure for all of you! Love and Hugs to you from California

  2. This is great, Jess! It's interesting, these Adult D-Meetups put on by the JDRF. Almost seems counter-intuitive to an extent... but it's so great to see it materializing! I did walks through school and college and even a few since then, but didn't really get involved until a few years ago when jumping into the DOC. Amazing new times, indeed. We have some local adult meetups occasionally, too, and I'll have to blog about our one most recently this week. But it's great to be a part of something with such great people, but in my area but seeing it all come to be in other places!

  3. I feel exactly that way with D and Im a parent with a CWD, and diabetes is isolating to us. I hope beyond hopes you get something off the ground to help with the disconnected- ness of the D-community .

  4. That's awesome, Jess! I'm having my Type1 Talk D-meet-up next Sunday, and I'm super excited! I hope that it goes as well as yours went (and you and Scott are so lucky to have each other together in the same area! So super cool!)! I hope that you can attend more JDRF events in your community and feel comfortable doing so, and that we can all have more adult JDRF events in our communities that we feel welcome to attend! ((d-hugs))