Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanks Karen! And An Oops...

Thanks Karen for D-Blog Week!  And thanks to Mike Lawson for putting together this great video!

And now for the oops.  In my short little video, I forgot to give credit to Briley for her idea about giving everyone tissues.  Sorry Briley!

This was the first video I've ever made, and I was more than a little nervous doing it.  Ok, so I was totally freaking out.  So I forgot to say, "like Briley said."  Thanks Briley for being a good sport about it.

I hope you all loved D-Blog Week as much as I did!


  1. The video was awesome. I had a tear in my eye. Ive been having such a rough time, not just D but my other kids sick, and husband etc etc and couldnt participate but it makes me so proud to belong to a community that pulls together no matter what part of the globe you are from.

  2. I loved seeing you on video. You are a natural!

  3. Youre seriously gorgeous!! I was like woah!! Jess is such a hottie!! :)

  4. I really really really love this video and am so touched that you all took the time and energy to put it together. And yes, I totally needed the box of tissues every time I watch it. ;)

  5. Robot parts!! Love it, we same the same about my hubby's minimed pump and CGM :) I look forward to reading!!!