Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks to D

Today's Prompt: In February the #dsma blog carnival challenged us to write about the most awesome thing we’d done DESPITE diabetes.  Today let’s put a twist on that topic and focus on the good things diabetes has brought us.  What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes? 

Ok, so my fingers are crossed that my post and comments from yesterday will magically reappear.  So we're going to go ahead and move forward with today's post.

You can find my post about the most awesome thing I've done despite diabetes from the DSMA blog carnival here.  I'm going to try not to repeat myself too much.

The most awesome things I've done because of diabetes:

1.  I have an amazing relationship with my mom.  Not that we don't drive each other crazy too, be we're really close.  While this isn't all thanks to D, it definitely played a big part.  We're tight like that.

2.  You learn to be grateful for the small stuff.  A decent bg will have me doing the happy dance. 

3.  It gave me something to blog about.  Seriously, my life is really not all that exciting...

4.  Making instant friends with total strangers.  Running into other diabetics totally makes my day.  Like last weekend at the movie theater.  I hear that distinctive pump beeping, but it's not mine.  I look and see the lady a few seats down sticking her pump back in her pocket.  I scoot down and we end up chatting for the next 15 minutes and have to stop only because the movie is starting.  I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but it was great.  There nothing else like that instant bond.

5.  That I am able to appreciate my health insurance.  It probably was not obvious thanks to my post from earlier in the week, but my current health insurance is AMAZING!  Every insurance I've ever had leading up to this point has been less than stellar.  Some have been really, really crappy.  So having such great insurance right now is such a blessing.  I'm not bragging, really I'm not.  I'm just so grateful I have to share it or I'm going to burst.  I want to cry sometimes picking up my stuff at the pharmacy because I'm so happy.  No more fighting for 10 strips a day.  My insurance approved my pump upgrade in TWO HOURS!  A $6,000 piece of medical equipment approved in two hours?  Unheard of.  And I am so, so grateful.  I wish with all my heart that EVERYONE could have coverage like this.

6.  I am always prepared.  Planning ahead is essential in life with D.  Sometimes, being such a planner comes in quite handy in other areas of my life.

7.  D has not stopped me from accomplishing any of my life goals.  I've traveled abroad.  Gone off to college and graduated.  Got a great job.  Fell in love.  Got married.  Bought a house.  Not that it's been all sunshine and lollipops.  Cause it hasn't.  But D didn't stop me from doing any of it.

8.  I am wicked good at multiplying by 15.  It's scary.

9.  Having D forces me to take care of myself when I'm sick.  On the surface, this may not seem like a good thing.  But I think it is.  Too much people push themselves too hard, and don't slow down when they're sick.  I have to.  And usually, that winds up being a good thing.  We all need a break sometimes. 

10.  The DOC, of course!  I contemplated just writing the letters "DOC" for today's post and nothing else, but I decided not to do that.  You all me more to me than words can ever say.  Seriously.  You've saved me from my own self-destructive habits, and showed me that I am never alone.  The validation and support I receive is indescribable.  Thank you.

A bonus?  Having some DOCers here in town!  And I get to see them tonight!  Yay!  Please keep Babs in your thoughts tonight.  It's her Wiggin' Out party.  She's shaving her head!  And I've been promised another certain someone is going to do likewise...


  1. Wow! 11 awesome things. And counting you makes it a cool dozen.

  2. Awesome, indeed! Love how you talk about the DOC folk saving from self-destructive habits and showing we aren't alone with validation and support. That is indescribable, and so much what I find awesome in my life. In ways that no one else can do, even those closest to us. Thank you, for being a part of that. Oh, and for letting me know who I can call next time I need to do some D-Math using a factor of 15... :)

  3. I am laughing at the having nothing to blog too. I guess I coulda been a "Mommy Blogger"...but that isn't as bad ass as wielding needles and donning a Woodchuck now is it!?

    You, Jess = AWESOME!

  4. I'm digging #4, #7, and #8. Great list!

  5. I am hoping some day that #1 holds true for me and my kids. :)

    Enjoyed your list a lot!

  6. #3 makes me laugh (it's soooo very true for me too!)

    and #8 - do you think of a clock? That's what I do, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45, an hour. #nerd