Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Better Day

Thanks for all the support, team.  I was really feeling the DOC love yesterday.  Seriously, thank you.

I'm feeling much better about everything now.  My numbers aren't exactly where I'd like, but some things got figured out yesterday.

Thankfully, I was able to take a sick day and stay home and rest.  Although thanks to the thunderstorm, I was resting with no power until noon.  At least you don't need power to sleep!  I didn't get much sleep over the weekend.  When the power came back, I painted my nails and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Also, this allowed me to spend several hours on the phone, both with my CDE and Medtronic support.

I was beginning to worry that the wonky numbers meant there was a problem with my pump.  I had used sets out of different boxes.  I had opened a new vial of insulin.  No change.

So I upload my data (did I mention that I LOVE that Carelink works with Mac now?  Cause I do).  And I call my CDE and leave some long rambling message on the verge of tears to the effect that I need help.

She calls back an hour later, and tells me to call Medtronic for troubleshooting to make sure the pump is ok.

So that's what I do.  I spend about an hour with the technical support guy.  He walks me thru multiple troubleshooting steps.  He also waited with me on the phone while I tore the house apart looking for my pump box.  Those little blue clips that come with the pump?  Yeah, they're for no delivery alarm testing.  I didn't know that until today.  You use them to crimp the tubing and cause an occlusion.

So after about 10 minutes, I finally found the box and the blue clips.  The alarm went off just as it should.  So my pump is fine.

Sidenote: someday I am going to write a post entirely about how AMAZING Medtronic's customer support is.  Seriously.  I freaking LOVE them!!!!!

Anyways, so I call my CDE back, and here's my reenactment of the conversation:

Me: "Hey, so the pump's fine."

CDE: "That's great!"

Me: "So what do I do?"

Her: "Are you on your period, per chance?"

Me: "It's next week."

Her: "Hmmm, ok.  I think that's probably what's going on."

Me: "Yeah, I've noticed since I got the CGM that I do tend to run higher the week before.  But it's never been THIS extreme."

Her: (Pause) "Well, you sound stressed."

Me: "Well, um, yeah..."

Her: "Ok, let's crank up that basal, and keep me posted."

Another sidenote: know who else I freaking love?  My CDE.  LOVE her!

So I'm rocking an increased temp basal for now.  And it is helping.  It's going to take some experimenting to see what percentage will work best.  And that's how I'm trying to think of it.

As a diabetes science experiment.  Thank you, Ginger!

Also on a positive note, my mom and I did a virtual 5K for JDRF last night!  Take that, crazy high blood sugars!  Woohoo!  See Tara's blog for more info.

Here's to an even better day today!


  1. I was wondering what those clips were for. I guess I better not throw them away! :P

  2. Just when you have that pre-period trend figured out, it changes. Hopefully this isn't the start of a new trend! Send a little of that my way next month...I get really low and can barely get over 100 before mine (sounds great til you find out you gained weight from treating all the lows).

  3. Ah, that's what the blue clips are for! go figure!!
    and the pre period week, I am usually pumping 150%.

    Hope things settle down. and I, too LOVE medtronic tech support. I've had nothing but great help from them!

  4. So glad you are feeling better!!! My sugars always go wonky too during pre-period time.

    Way to go on the 5k!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Hey Jess,

    Great to hear you`re feeling better, and way to go Mom... That`s great...


  6. Yay for a better day! I'm glad you were able to figure it out and I hope the trend continues. Still sending D-love your way!