So things in my life have been kinda crazy lately.  Not crazy in a bad way, just insanely BUSY!  But there are a few things I wanted to share.

First of all, last weekend was Cheriseapalooza!  Yes, Cherise, creator of DSMA, came to town and we had an epic meetup!  Bob was there, and Scott, also Barb and Jon.  And even Kim came down for the weekend!  And yes, somehow I forgot my camera…

We ate BBQ and cupcakes (which I made, thank you very much).  There was serious talk, but also a lot of laughter.  My stomach hurt when I left from laughing so hard!  It was amazing to hang out with all these wonderful people!  To see in real life these online friends who feel like family.

Also, Kim came down a little early so we could hang out.  We got some yummy iced coffee and talked about all kinds of things, both D and non-D related.  And it was wonderful.

One of the things we talked about was Kim’s project that launched yesterday, the You Can Do This Project!  I watched the video and turned into a blubbering mess…

Go to Kim’s site to see the original post, as well as links for videos others have already made!

I needed to hear this so badly.  Hence the blubbering.  This week has been exhausting.  And I really just want my sugars to behave because I’m too tired to deal with all of it.  Can I have a day off?  Please?

And then I see this video, full of familiar faces, and I know they understand.  I know that if you or a loved one has diabetes, then you understand.  And I’m getting all teary-eyed typing this.

I can do this.  You can do this.  We can do this.