Thursday, June 9, 2011

My New Favorite Thing

So this is officially my new favorite thing:

Rickina from Stick Me Designs is super sweet, and so is her stuff!  When she had a giveaway going on, I signed up, and was thrilled to receive this Aqua Deco Clutch.  I LOVE it.

It has traveled on two roadtrips with me now, and held up tremendously well.  And it's big enough to hold all my stuff.  And has lots of pockets.

You may have seen that Kim has one too.  And that I saw her a few weeks ago.  And we totally forgot to get a pic with our matching clutches.  Epic fail, I know.

But the clutch is working out great.  I tend to switch purses and bags a lot over the summer, what with going to the pool and such, so having all my D gear in one place is great.  I can just transfer the clutch between bags and not be digging for stuff rolling around at the bottom of my purse.

A couple things I wish it had?  A waterproof (or bloodproof) exterior, and a more rigid shape.  It tends to get smushed in my purse.

But I most definitely plan on continuing to use it.  Check out Stick Me Designs on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

And be sure to check out what Rickina's doing with her Very Important Pumpers and Stickers Program.

Thanks Rickina, for my new favorite thing!

I received this clutch from Stick Me Designs at no cost in exchange for blogging my thoughts about it.  As always, these are my thoughts only, and were not influenced by Stick Me Designs.  

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