Saturday, July 2, 2011


So I was going about my business Friday night, when I got an email that someone had followed me on twitter.  It was something about curing diabetes.

Great, I thought.  More spam.

Only a little investigating revealed that it wasn't spam, but a real twitter account with someone claiming to be a doctor with a cure for insulin-dependent diabetes.  Even better.  Not.  BLOCK!!!!

A friend on twitter had also been followed by this person, and had said in the most animated terms to back off and leave them alone (my paraphrase- the actual tweet was much more colorful)!

So the two of us had a little conversation about blocking this account and how they were full of crap and spreading misinformation.

Today, my phone buzzed to tell me I had this mention:

"@jessmeandd So u rather keep ur diabetes than be cured? MAN U MUST REALLY ENJOY HAVING IT. HOW STUPID CAN ONE BE? I GOT CURED!! reTwEET!"

This tweet was not from that "doctor," but from someone claiming to have been cured by him.


I am livid.   This was several hours ago, and I'm still pissed!!!!  Had I written this post right away, it would have needed a big disclaimer about foul language!

What I really wanted to do was tweet this asshat back and repsond in kind.  

Instead, I said a long string of curse words, and took a deep breath.

I blocked this asshat too.

And I am NOT retweeting those ugly words.

Nor am I going to name either account involved in this whole thing.

As much as I want to let the whole DOC attack these idiots, I am not going to do that.

Because it would bring them attention.  And they do not deserve our attention.

They deserve to be ignored. 

So, you asshats, I will ignore you.  I will not let you ruin my day.

My fellow diabetics and I are stronger than you could ever imagine.

You are not worth ANY of our time.


  1. THIS IS AWESOME! "Asshat" is the perfect word for them!

  2. I wore an asshat once, I didn't like it. Will never do that again. :-)
    Sorry I had to say that, and sorry you had that message.

  3. Grrr! Next time mention me ill use some choice words for ya!

  4. Well played, young lady, well played!

  5. Glad you told them off! Hope others also set them straight. Nice job Jess!

  6. I have no tolerance for those Asshats either! You handled it perfectly.

  7. I don't understand the "snake oil salesman" mindset. I guess there are psychopaths and sociopaths of all stripes out there, aren't there? Sick, sick, sick people. Given the choice between having diabetes and being the kind of sociopath who preys on those with a chronic, difficult disease, I think I'd choose the diabetes, thanks.

  8. I'd be livid too, and was after reading this - and I do believe that same snake oil salesdoc was following me. Operative word: "was," before being blocked and reported as spam. These people are fools, yet more are created everyday thanks in part to gullible people on our end and in the general public and just the general misconceptions out there. Sorry it was necessary, but glad to share in your lividity.