Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More FFL Gushing

There are so, so, so many things from Friends For Life that I want to tell you about.  I hardly know where to begin.  I did attend some great focus groups and sessions, but I'll save that discussion for later.

I know I talked about this yesterday, but getting to hang out with an awesome group of PWD's for almost an entire week was truly life changing.  I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.  I got to hang out with these people all week!  I wasn't expecting to get so close to people in the space of a week.  But I totally did and it was totally awesome!

photo courtesy of Martin

More awesomeness: I finally got to meet C!!!!!! :D

photo courtesy of C

She is THE FIRST PERSON in the DOC I ever talked to!  When I joined Juvenation, she was the first to welcome me.  And we discovered we had a lot in common.  And then I joined Twitter and we talked even more.  And then I got to hang out with her.  It was awesome!

Another fabulous thing was meeting new people.  I mean, people I hadn't talked to on Twitter.  Shay is one of my new favorite people!  I loved getting to know her!  Be sure to check out her post about the week.

photo courtesy of Sara

As you may have noticed yesterday, we spent some time in the pool.  It was really fun!  But you know what was really awesome?  The fact that every other person had a pump and/or set and/or tubing and/or CGM sensor hanging out for the world to see!  For the first time in as long as I can remember, no one at the pool was staring at me!  At least not for the CGM sensor stuck to my arm... ;)

Roomies rockin' the arm sensors!
Photo courtesy of Martin

Of course, my blood sugars were all over the place all week.  Considering the crazy schedule, lack of sleep, and consumption of giant M & M cookies (I'm looking at you, Martin), it's really not surprising.  So, high blood sugars plus dehydration (too much Diet Coke) equals ketones.  I have ketones in this picture, as we were waiting to go to Downtown Disney.

photo courtesy of Sara

I know it doesn't look like it, but I felt pretty lousy.  But if having ketones can be at all pleasant, this experience was.  I was surrounded with people who understood.  There were no funny looks, no questions.  A simple, "I have ketones," and they knew exactly how I felt.  Bottles of water were procured.  Bathrooms were found so I could pee on those lovely strips.  High-fives were given when ketones were gone.  And they were gone in time to enjoy dinner!  Woohoo!

And I had the BEST ROOMMATES EVER!!!!  Well, technically we were condo-mates.  Details.  Yes, Josh and I stayed in a condo with Martin, Jacquie, and their significant others.  We had so much fun!  But we also talked about some serious and scary stuff that comes along with diabetes.  And again, it was incredible to talk with people who totally, completely understand.

Pump party roomies!
photo courtesy of Jacquie

Also, we all three use Medtronic pumps and CGM.  Which made for a lot of beeping.  And it is impossible to tell from whence the beep came without everyone checking.  Ah, good times.

Seriously though, it's cheesy as hell, but I made friends for life.  Most definitely.

photo courtesy of Sara

Edit to add: *Disclaimer: We paid for all expenses involved in attending FFL, including airfare, hotel, food, and conference fees.  I was not asked to blog about the experience, and all the thoughts are my own.*


  1. Love it!

    What about the time I asked you if it would be awkward if I was in the bathroom with you when you were testing for ketones and you replied that it would only be awkward if I was in same stall with you?! LOL!

  2. I miss you guys! And those M&M cookies were so good. I'm still disappointed that the last time I went, all they had left was W&W cookies. Oh well... =P

  3. Awesome photos, it looks like such a great experience (minus the ketones!). You guys totally ROCK those CGM sensors!!! :)

  4. aw man, some more pics yay! i LOVE the arm sensor one! AWESOME!

  5. Way to sport the medical device bling! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  6. I love this post, and the photos. :) You are one of my favorite people, and I'm so glad we got to hang out last week!

  7. Absolutely awesome post... makes me smile and laugh (and shake my head cracking head), just reading it. You rule. As do so many others, which just makes the DOC like the epitome of awesomeness. Love the pics and fun, Jess!

  8. I want to go back please!! I MISS YOU ALL!!!

  9. Love it, get it, and your pictures are awesome!!! But ketones? Ugh, I missed that or I would have been pouring you water as well. I'm glad they cleared up pretty quickly - the schedule, heat and lack of sleep did make for a pretty grueling week. But I wouldn't change a minute. I miss you all so much!