Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My husband is amazing.

Photo courtesy of Sara

I've written about this before (see here, here, and here).  I've been thinking a lot about just how amazing he is because of everything that happened at Friends For Life.  Also, since the DSMA topic last week for both the twitter chat and radio show was significant others, it seemed an appropriate time to share these thoughts.

Josh's initial reaction to my "Hey-Honey-let's-go-to-Florida-for-a-week-and-stay-with-people-I-met-on-the-internet" was, of course, "You wanna do WHAT?"

But when he saw how badly I wanted to go and how important it was to me, he agreed.

And not only did he make the trip with me, but he attended all the focus groups and sessions with me.  Well, some with me and for others we went to different ones, but you know what I mean.  Also, you may notice he's in a lot of pics in different FFL posts, which makes me smile. :)

Josh cares about all of this stuff just as much as I do.  He understands all of this diabetes craziness as much as someone without diabetes possibly can.

I love him.  A lot.  And I was so, so happy to have him with me at FFL.

And I know Josh was happy to be there too.  Despite his initial reservations, and the fact he hadn't tweeted copious amounts with the adult PWD in attendance, he had a wonderful time.  I know that he made friends for life too.  And not entirely thanks to that old t-shirt featuring The Cheat, though that was a big hit!

Josh has always been supportive of my involvement in the DOC, which I am thankful for.  But now, he is getting involved!  He joined Twitter, and participated in the DSMA chat on Wednesday.  It makes me SO HAPPY to watch him get to know all my DOC friends.  I love you all!

Photo courtesy of Martin

And this is the part where I want to thank my friends.  You all accepted him as part of the crew, even with his fully-functioning pancreas.  Thank you.

George, this post from you made me burst into tears.  And Scott, your kind words on DSMA Live made me choke up too.  And Sara and Martin, your comments and love bring tears to my eyes too.  I'm just a big crying mess lately, I guess!

Josh, I love you.  Thanks for always supporting me in all areas of my life.  Thanks for coming to FFL with me, as crazy as it sounded.  Thanks for getting involved, and making my friends your friends too.

And to my DOC peeps: thank you all!  Thanks to you, Josh has new friends, in spite of his ability to produce insulin.  I love you all!

*Disclaimer: We paid for all expenses involved in attending FFL, including airfare, hotel, food, and conference fees.  I was not asked to blog about the experience, and all the thoughts are my own.*


  1. So sweet! It's nice to have that support from the ones you love. Seems like he goes above and beyond, actually!

  2. Hmm...I'll have to remember at tne next meetup that Josh and I have insulin production in common....he's just better at it and can actually use what he makes. :)

  3. So sweet. I feel like my kids have gotten to know my d-peeps like Josh has. It's awesome to have everyone in on it. :)

  4. I'm so glad Josh was there, and selfishly, that we all got to stay together and bond! It wouldn't have been the same without him. And I so appreciated his understanding of diabetes. He's really an amazing dude, and I'm happy and honored to be able to call him "friend for life."

  5. Yay Josh!

    I am glad he wasn't too freaked out by your weird internet friends! I loved watching how well he took care of you when you had the trouble before Downtown Disney.

  6. aw man what an awesome post! so sweet! i hope that when L grows up she finds a partner as supportive as josh is for you, and all the other SOs i met at ffl. :D

  7. I love both of you guys so much. Mos Def Friends for LIfE!!!!

  8. I am freaked by some of your weird internet friends. Especially that one with the pump that beeps all the time.

  9. Josh is awesome, what more can I say? :-)

  10. Beautiful post! Josh is awesome!!