Friday, August 19, 2011

You Know You're A Diabetes Blogger When...

  • You utter the phrase, "I need to blog about that," AT LEAST once a day.

  • Something happens, and the first thing you think of is a post from a fellow blogger about the very same thing

  • You sit in the car shaking from a low and still manage to snap a picture of the mentos you're treating with.

  • You take pictures of bloody infusion sets.

  • You have a running list of post ideas on your smartphone.

  • Your camera has more pictures of pumps, CGM graphs, meters, and other diabetes paraphernalia than pictures of people.

  • You see nothing strange about sharing personal hopes and fears about diabetes with the whole freaking internet.

  • You've never met some of your best friends in person.


  1. Ditto, especially, on the "more pictures of diabetes paraphernalia than people". Except, also add "puppies" to that list, for me. :)

  2. LOVE your post! and agree wholeheartedly with it all, except for the bacon part... the whole Kosher thing gets in the way of that, lol. :) Also puppies rival pumps and diabetes paraphernalia on my phone as well, but it is quite close!
    PS -- Is that a Revel pump? I thought about getting purple, as all of my Minimed pumps (previous 2) have been purple, but they just weren't a rich purple like yours looks. I went with Pink. That purple looks AWESOME! :) Love it, and love the skins as well! Thinking about skins a lot lately! :) Do they make your pump sticky?

  3. LOL! Can I add "you don't get much sleep at night because you stay up too late talking and writing about diabetes" after spending all day doing the non-diabetes job.

  4. SO SO SO true!! You nailed it!

  5. My wife looks at the downloads of my phone making sure she is in none of them because she knows they are all going up on my blog.

  6. AMAZING!!! So funny how many of those I went ME TOO! hahah

  7. LOL! Love it! And that last one really got me. I have to say that some of my "RL" friends are starting to get a bit jealous. Especially if they see something in my Twitter feed that they didn't know about me. I just tell them that's what the follow button is for. :P

  8. Awesome post, and not just because of the gorgeous cupcakes!!! Though, I am still drooling over those. Loved this! :)

  9. Ha! LOVE this list Jess. And yup - got me every time.