Monday, August 1, 2011

You've Got Mail!

In the guest post I wrote for Sara a little while ago, I joked that I needed Kim to send me some business cards because I keep running into adult PWD.  It's seriously crazy.  And of course, I tell them about the You Can Do This Project (YCDT).

Well, Kim actually offered to send me some cards, and I said sure.  So over the weekend, this arrives in the mail (excuse the terrible erasing job):

Cupcakes, glitter, and bacon! 

Totally made my day!  Kim's got some mad art skills! :)

So now I have a few of her cards to carry around.

Even more exciting is that, thanks to Meredith, there is now a flyer for the You Can Do This Project that you, yes YOU, can print and hand out.  Or hang up.  Or just give random people.  Whatever.

I plan on taking some to my next endo appointment and asking if I can put them in the waiting room.  And checking with other local diabetes centers about putting some in their lobbys.  And emailing my local JDRF about them having the flyers available at different events.

Kim wrote a beautiful post about the need to reach more people affected by diabetes.  The DOC has been my saving grace.  And if you're reading this, then it likely has been for you too.

Kim did NOT ask me to say anything about YCDT.  I choose to because I strongly believe in the project.  It has helped me immensely.

I had the honor to be the guest on DSMA Live last week.  The topic of DOC outreach came up.  The DOC may feel big to us, but if you think about how many PWD there are in the world, it's really not very big at all.

So how do we reach more people?  I didn't even realize how badly I needed support until after I found the DOC.  I never want to go back to that dark place.

I truly believe, with all my heart, that YCDT is the perfect gateway to the DOC.  Watching videos isn't intimidating like Twitter or even blogs can be.  All you have to do is watch and listen.

So I'm asking you to please print off some flyers.  Take them to your next doctor's appointment and ask to put them in the lobby.  This simple act could completely change someone's life.

Imagine how many people we could reach if we ALL handed out some flyers?


  1. You are full of awesome. Thank you so much for this post - this made MY day! :)

  2. Kim's right--you so ARE full of awesomesauce! ooh, maybe that isn't the best visual, but you know what I mean. ;) Love you both.

  3. You are SO super awesome! and right! Thank you for this amazing post that made my day! :) (dHugs)