I dedicate this post to my friend George.

Last week, George tweeted this.

I LOVED this!  And so I responded.

And some other Twitter friends had great ideas too!

And this one had me rolling on the floor!

And this one had me rolling on the floor!

I love this hashtag.  A lot.  Diabetes is hard work.  A little personalization goes a long way, as does a sense of humor.

The #5words game inspired me.

I decided I was done looking at my boring meter.  So I decorated it.  With Duct Tape.

Purple tape to match my purple pump!

The light’s kinda funny, so in case you can’t read it, on the top it says, “It’s just a number!”  And on the bottom, “Does not reflect my worth.”

So now, I see both of those lines every time I check my blood sugar.  And you know what?  I think it’s helping a little.

What are your five words?

*Ok kids, when I covered the meter, I made sure to work around the opening where the strip goes in and the battery case.  If you choose to cover your meter in Duct Tape, or anything else, please use common sense.*