Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Mess

So I'm kinda of a messy person.

Ok, so I'm actually quite a messy person, as anyone who has lived with me can attest to.  I mean, I clean the bathroom and dust, not that kind of messy.  I just tend to pile up things and kind of...just...leave them.

I'm working on it, ok?

In my great attempt to get more organized, yesterday I decided to do something about the state of my diabetes supplies.  Shockingly enough, they were mostly in the sameish place.

yeah, yeah, I know...

at least I brought them inside...?

Suffice it to say that my supplies are a little disorganized.  So yesterday, I went to Target, and after going low (of course), bought this:

And I attacked that hot mess of a shelf!

And now my diabetes supplies are all neatly put away in the corner of my bedroom.

Or so I thought.  And then I saw it.  ANOTHER Medtronic box on top of the hot mess shelf!  NOOOOO!  My pretty new white drawers are full!  Oh well...

It'll have to do.  And today, I'm calling Medtronic and taking myself off of automatic shipment.  This is ridiculous people.  I think I could outlast another ice age with this stuff.

Not really.  And I'm grateful to have the supplies, and insurance to help pay for it.  I am extremely blessed.

And that shelf is no longer a hot mess.  Woot!  Even if it still does have a couple D related items on it...


  1. I had to take myself off the auto-fill, and then when I was ready to go back on it, I had to make it so that everything came every 4 months. I think it's still too much!! Nice organizing. I'm scatterbrained and a cluttered in general...which drives me crazy. Maybe I need to go to Target too.

  2. Be thankful you have the insurance coverage. We lost our when we moved and we are now using up the stockpiles and praying Scott finds a new job with better insurance than mine...Medea

  3. I am like you in cluttered-ness and I also have one of the nice organizer things to keep all my D supplies... and depending on how similar we are it won't stay organized that long!!

  4. We use plastic bins too! Lol I love the oversupply makes me feel "safe".

  5. Very nice! Glad you found a "D" headquarters for your stuff. I feel like I can never have enough "D" supplies since I always worry about being uninsured (since I have been a few times with "D"...not fun at all) plus, what used to be "free" with my insurance now costs $300 every three months...and that's just test strips! Never know when the insurance will up and change. Great job getting organized though!!!

  6. Keep yourself on auto-fill. The prices will only go up in the years to come, and if you've got decent insurance, might as well stock up. Pump supplies don't expire (well, they do have a date on them, but...). I've got a nice stash of pump supplies in my closet. You never know when you might lose your insurance coverage.

    Then again, you also run the chance that you'll be cured from diabetes, in which case all of those pump supplies will go to waste. For me, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

  7. I came across this from Sara's Wordless Wednesday post today and I have the same exact 3 drawer cabinet that you have here, but mine is never fully organized. I have infusion sets on the bottom, reservoirs in the middle and then strips and the rest of the junk in the top, but it is just all thrown together. You both have inspired me to organize it a little better.

  8. I love how you inspired me and someone made it back to your post from mine! Circle of life!

    Thank you for clearing a space for me to sleep! ;)

    P.S. Testing out commenting from my google+ account so that a picture shows up when I comment on blogspot blogs...

  9. Hmm, no picture.

    Trying it again :)

    (feel free to delete)

  10. Haha, look! It's the moth-eater! ;)