Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Only Thing Worse...

The only thing worse than not having a CGM...

is having one that IS NOT WORKING!

So.  Aggravating.

CGM, I am really upset with you right now.  However, I suppose I'll forgive you once I have a fresh and FUNCTIONING sensor in...


  1. Jess i've had this SAME PROBLEM LATELY.. ugghh it IS so frustrating. I too have the Medtronic Sensor and I don't know if it's now that baby is growing and I have less "accurate" space but I keep getting the WORSE results that aren't even close. Last week it was tailing the 330's which I have luckily never been while pregnant, and I was somewhere( darn memory) in the 50's.. which is still rare, but uggh You just want to throw it out. I ended up having to go through two more sensors to actually get one that would give me a better number. Hang in there, your definitely not alone...

  2. That's been the most difficult thing for me to get used to with mine. But, when it is working, gee, it's great!

  3. I totally agree!!! Our Dexcom died last week. It was kaput! As you said, so aggravating!!! We had a new one shipped to us and we're back up and running again, but ugh!!!

  4. Very frustrating. I have freaked out one too many times when I check my daughter's CGM at night and see those double down arrows.

  5. The last few hours of one sensor and the first day or so of the next one are so frustrating.

    Yesterday I was worried I was around 300 because that's where my sensor was stuck. When I tested, I was 146.