Monday, September 12, 2011

Pulling Me Out of the Rut

So I meant to get this post up last week, but didn't get to it.  Hee hee.  So you get to read about it now. :)

My Labor Day weekend was AMAZING!

The weather was incredible, which just put a blanket of joy over the entire weekend.  We went to visit some of Josh's family, and they live out in the country.  Got lots of quality outside time in.  And my blood sugars liked it very much!

I actually had my first no-hitter in a long, long time.  And I was ecstatic!

When we arrived on Saturday evening, Josh and I spent almost an hour in the front yard with our niece and nephew, playing frisbee.  Or rather, Josh and I were throwing the frisbee, and the kids ran around the yard chasing it down.  And did I mention that it had rained that day?  We laughed and laughed as we watched the kids chase down that frisbee.  They would run and run, and try to stop.  But that wet grass sent them flying across the yard.  Every single time.  I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.  We played till it was literally too dark to see the frisbee.  We might have kept going longer if Josh hadn't thrown the frisbee on the roof.  Way to go, Uncle Josh.

Sunday we bummed around the house for a while.  After lunch, I started rising quite rapidly and wanted to nix that, so Josh and I went for a walk.  And his parents joined us.  And the rise stopped and leveled off.  Did I mention that I have the best in-laws ever?

For dinner, we went to a local pizza place.  Now, I don't usually eat pizza, but I have been working on my bolusing for high-fat meals.  And I'll be damned if I was going to let pizza ruin the no-hitter I had going.  So I ate pizza and ice cream, rocked the dual-wave bolus and cranked up my basal to 180% for 8 hours.

Here's my CGM graph from about 10:00 that night:

And here's the graph from when I woke up on Monday:

 Look at that flat line!  And it matched the meter bg!  Holy amazing blood sugars, batman!  I was simultaneously flabbergasted and thrilled!  Woohoo!  After pizza AND ice cream!  Take THAT, Wendell!

Unfortunately, my glee was short-lived.  About a couple hours after breakfast, I went to change my set.  When I ripped the set out, several units of insulin came spilling out of the hole in my skin left from the set.  Uh-oh.  I don't mean a small dribble.  I mean like most of my breakfast bolus worth.  What the fructose....

And so the no-hitter came to an end (my high alarm is set at 180).  Oh well.  I had a no-hitter for about 36 hours, and I'm quite proud of that.  I've been stuck in a rut lately, and that amazing weekend helped snap me out of it.  I'll talk more about the rut in a later post.  I just wanted to thank my in-laws for the most fun weekend I've had in a while.

Before we left, Josh and I went traipsing through the fields looking for cool rocks, which helped bring the number back down.

Oh, and also, if you're ever playing Sequence, don't pick me or Josh for a partner.  We didn't do so hot.  We'll get you next time, guys!


  1. That graph looks amazing!! :) So glad you had a great weekend.

  2. That is an impressive no hitter with pizza and ice cream, dual wave bolus and temp basal. What the fructose is Wendell even thinking?! Way to go!

  3. You lived the dream for almost two days! That is something!! Awesome!

  4. Three cheers for your No Hitter!!!! Great job! And anyway, that high that broke it was all the fault of the stupid insulin gusher - so you can barely count that at all!! :)

  5. Uncle Josh!

    Why did you throw the frisbee on the roof?!?