Monday, November 21, 2011

Healing Power

I LOVE music.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably have figured that out.  My dad is a music encyclopedia, for rock and roll at least.  I was raised on the Beatles, Paul Simon, The Police, R.E.M (yes, I am in mourning), Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel (both in Genesis and solo), Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Who, Buddy Holly...

You get the idea.  I will forever be grateful to my father for this.  And I still listen to most of these artists.  But of course, I have artists that I love as well.

My three favorite bands are Switchfoot, David Crowder Band (also in mourning over their approaching split) and Jars of Clay.  I am a HUGE lyrics person.  It's the lyrics that draw me in and keep me.  These three bands have such intelligence and thought in their songs.  And I like their theology (which we won't get into--that's a whole 'nother blog post).

Yep, I bought a shirt.
Music brings me great comfort.  I listened to Switchfoot's album The Beautiful Letdown over and over again when my friend died.  DCB and Jars also have songs I listen to during "dark and twisty times," as Sara says.

Things have been kind of dark and twisty lately.  So when I saw on Twitter Saturday morning that Jars was playing in town that night, I knew we had to go.  Due to some general confusion, we missed the Jars VIP preshow.  I was disappointed.  But my wonderful husband scored us some AMAZING seats for the concert itself!

The concert was incredible.  I didn't even realize how badly I needed it until we were waiting in that inevitable line to leave the parking garage.  Music has healing power.  I firmly believe that.

I am SO HAPPY Josh and I were able to go to the Rock and Worship Roadshow.  We sat through multiple acts I'd never heard of, most of whom were not my cup of tea.  But seeing Matt Maher, Jars, and MercyMe made all the waiting more than worth it.

I recorded some video at the show.  Matt Maher sang Hold Us Together and MercyMe sang Mighty To Save, both of which I sang at church in worship choir Sunday morning.  What are the odds?

And Jars sang The Shelter.  Which I've shared and posted about before.  That song makes me think of the Diabetes Online Community.  Forgive the wobbliness of my recording.  I was crying and trying to hold the phone steady at the same time.

Also, I was reminded during the show that the lead singer of MercyMe, Bart Millard, has a son with T1 diabetes.  And I wanted to run up on stage and hug him and tell him all about the DOC and how it's changed my life.  But security would have thrown me out had I tried, I'm sure.

Josh and I paid for our tickets to the concert.  None of the artists or anyone else affiliated with the Rock and Worship Roadshow asked me to write about the concert.I'm just a Jars groupie avid fan.


  1. "Dark and twisty times." I like that. =)

    I really enjoy it when you and folks in the DOC share about songs and bands and why they are important to them. I agree with you, that music has the power to soothe the savage beast. We can find a lot of motivation, encouragement, strength, and comfort when we find the right song to connect with. Or when the song finds us.

  2. How awesome is it that God works things out to let us hear or see what we need just when we need it? :-)

  3. For starters, I didn't know the David Crowder Band was breaking up, so now, you've broken my heart. Secondly, Third Day's Tai Anderson has a daughter with type 1, diagnosed earlier this year. I tried to reach out to him and share the DOC, but to no avail. Oh well, prayers work, too! ;)

  4. I love music too! When I find a song with lyrics that really mean a lot to me, I listen to it on repeat until someone makes me change it.

    And I stole "dark and twisty" from Grey's Anatomy because it fits me so well! ;)

  5. music is a huge part of my life and i agree it can be healing. thanks for sharing your awesome concert experience! :)