Friday, January 13, 2012

Another First

There's been a lot of firsts for me since I found the DOC, especially regarding my diabetes technology.

Wanting and getting a CGM.

Putting a set in my arm.

Putting a sensor in my butt.

Putting a sensor in my arm with Josh's help.

Putting a sensor in my arm all by myself.

A lot of firsts.  This week, there was another one for me.  What is it, you ask?

I put my CGM sensor in my thigh!

It's something I've thought about before, but after reading this post from Karen where she tells of accidentally knocking her sensor in her thigh off (oops), I decided to give it a whirl.

I'd heard from Kerri and Sara about putting their Dexcom sensors in their legs.  I was told to put my hand in my jeans pocket and aim for that area.  So that's what I did.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I wiped a big circle with the alcohol swab, poked around a bit, picked a spot, took a deep breath, and harpooned that sucker in.  And guess what?  It didn't even hurt!  It bled more than most sensors I've put in, but that certainly didn't seem to affect accuracy.

Ignore the peeling icky tape. We're in the home stretch for this one.

I tweeted Karen to tell her of my accomplishment and thank her for the inspiration.  She responded that Cara had inspired her to try the thigh sensor.  And Cara said she found it to be the most accurate location for her.

And based on this sensor, I'd have to agree.  This sensor has been spot-on all week!  I mean, it's not perfect, it's been off a few times.  But overall, spectacular in the accuracy department.

I have to put in a new sensor today.  And guess where it's going?  Yup, the other leg.  :)


  1. Woo-hoo! :) So happy for you!

  2. Now that you mention it, that's the best place for mine. Which reminds me... I left my "shell" charging last night and didn't reconnect. Whoops!

  3. congrats! and thanks for the idea! i too would never have thought of putting it there. my kid doesn't like wearing the cgm at all and will only do it if she's going on a sleepover. next time she has one, i'm gonna suggest she try this area.

  4. Thighs are my very favorite place for sensors. I even use the outside of them. Accuracy is spot on and I can usually get 3 restarts out of mine. I just recently tried my forearm for a sensor and it was every bit as good as a thigh. Didn't hurt a bit, didn't bleed and accuracy was within 1-2 points of my meter. Only thing is it's more visible. Anyway! Glad you like the thigh sites!

  5. Yay!!!! I had tried my thigh a while ago, but the accuracy was crap and it caused a lot of irritation. I don't know why I decided to try again a few weeks ago, but I'm glad I did (and also glad I mentioned it in my post). It's been working awesome for me . . . . as long as I remember to watch out for the steering wheel. ;)

  6. Awesome! The leg is my favorite, too! I actually prefer it for both my CGM and my pump site. If my real estate can handle it, I go back and forth between legs. :) I've been known to pull out a CGM and move it over a couple of inches and go again.

  7. I love my arm for the CGM - the best accuracy. I've only tried my leg once and it was my only failed sensor. Scared me enough that I haven't tried it again!

    I mean stomach - I only put devices in my stomach where they are supposed to go! ;)

  8. Sounds like success! Congratulations. I don't wear a CGM but I'm planning to test one soon. Is it ok to be that bloody? I thought the sensors are as fragile as pump sites and am wondering how they even can get results when swimming in blood.

    1. hi vera! for me, a bloody sensor doesn't seem to affect accuracy. i hope your CGM trial goes well! :)