I love the Diabetes Online Community.  I love it like whoa.

Seriously.  The DOC has changed my life.  You all have shown me so much love, support, compassion, and acceptance.  The DOC is a safe place for me.  I can share what I need to share without fear of judgement or condemnation.

That is the DOC I love.  It doesn’t matter the type of diabetes you have.  All are welcome here.  This kind of love and acceptance changes lives.  It inspires people to take charge of their own health.

There’s been a lot of nasty things floating around the interwebs about Paula Deen, her revelation that she has type 2, and here partnership with Novo Nordisk.

Everyone is most certainly entitled to his or her own opinion.  I respect that.

Here is my opinion.  Judgement, blame, and spite accomplish nothing.  Regardless how I may feel about any person and their choices, they are still a person.

I choose to put my energy towards compassion, and focus on helping others as I have been helped.  Thank you, DOC, for showing me how to do that.