Friday, January 27, 2012

Facing The Sludge

Earlier this week, Kerri wrote a fantastic post about finding her way out of diabetes burnout.  She said she was, "crawling out of the (primordial, most likely caramel-flavored) diabetes burnout sludge."  I absolutely adore that anology.

Burnout is something I am intimately familiar with, though that has not been my issue of late.  As you may know, I have some serious issues with emotional eating.  I met with my wonderful therapist last week, for the first time since before the holidays.  For me, it was much needed.

We talked about a lot of things--my last A1c (yay!), the health of my grandparents (they're doing pretty well), and how much I freaking HATE diabetes during the holiday season.  Also, this was the first appointment where we really started to deal with the food, and the emotions that drive my eating.

As I was reflecting on all of this, I kept coming back to Kerri's post.  And the image of sludge.  It seems fitting for my eating issues as well.  Sticky, messy, and hard to get out of.  Sludge does not make it easy for you to escape.  And just when you've managed to stand up, it doesn't take much to knock you back down into the muck.

photo credit- HeveaFan, Flickr Creative Commons

I was also thinking about some other DOC friends who've been having a hard time lately.  There's been some incredibly emotional and powerful posts in the last few weeks.  My dear friends dealing with their own sludge.

We all have sludge to face in our lives.  The sludge takes different forms for different people, whether it's burnout, eating issues, depression, or any of a myriad of other things.  When I'm in the thick of the sludge, it feels like I'll never get out.  But I have faith that I will. 

Why?  Because I know I am not alone.  I have my wonderful husband, my family, my friends, and the DOC.   You all throw me a rope when I need it, making it a little easier to pull my way out.  And when I can't find the strength to hold onto the rope, you jump into the sludge with me, tell me I can do this, and crawl out of it with me.  Thank you.

We all have sludge.  There are times where we're stuck in the thick of it, and times when we stand triumphantly on dry ground, having escaped this round.

No matter where you are, know that you are never alone.  If you need a lifeline, there are people on dry ground ready to throw you one.  And if you need us to come in after you, consider it done.  No one has to face the sludge alone.


  1. Oh Jess ... I love, love, love this post. And you. I am so grateful that I don't have to face the sludge alone. And you don't either. xo

  2. I have food issues revolving around my emotional sludge, too. So glad to have read this post. Thanks.

  3. This is a great post Jess and you're right, we don't have to don't to go thru this by ourselves. Love ya!

  4. I'm glad none of us is doing this alone. I love you guys!! :)

  5. thanks for this post. none of us are alone.