Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Did I Do This Without You?

There is something magical about having this space, this little corner of the internet, to share my thoughts and feelings.  And you wonderful people are what make it magical.

I received such overwhelming support after the verbal vomit in my last post.  Not that I expected anything else.  This love and support is what changes people's lives.  It has changed mine.

I've been thinking a lot about that today.  About how in the world I did this for so long without the DOC. You all have become like family to me, and I can't imagine dealing with diabetes without all of you anymore.  Victoria and Cheri both wrote some beautifully fantastic and poignant posts on the topic yesterday.  Please take a moment to read them.

Two weeks ago today, I went to my endo appointment.  I hadn't gotten around to writing about it yet (because I have a problem with procrastination, not because it was bad).  I was nervous that my A1c had gone up, and didn't really want to go.

But on the morning of the appointment, I wasn't nervous.  I was calm, and confident that I could handle whatever the number turned out to be.  It is just a number, after all.  I know the reason I felt so at peace was all of you.

And you know what?  My A1c was 7.2%!  Only 0.1% higher than the last one, which is basically no change at all!!!  I was ecstatic!  Happy endo, happy CDE, and happy Jess.

You wonderful people give me hope.  You remind me each day that I can do this.  Thank you.


  1. Wonderful post! I couldn't agree more about the DOC. Congrats on your doctor visit.

  2. Love you bunches!!!

    Also, I got a shout out!!! *does happy dance* :D

  3. What an absolutely wonderful post, Jes.. I couldn't agree more. The DOC saved my life and has improved my health overall. But not only that... it took the people and community to help me truly recognize and admit my depression and know that I needed to seek help. That it wasn't "wrong" to feel this way. Kansas City was a pivotal part in that, as you know. This community's importance is honestly understated in most places and I don't think can even be truly measured - from the personal impacts it has, to the broader health care industry and supply/product influences our collective voice has. Simply amazing, indeed. You rock, my friend. Thanks for being who you are.

  4. Procrastination is not a problem. It's an art form!

    I'm so thankful for the DOC as well, but I'm especially thankful that you're a part of it. Is it July yet?

  5. Awww....
    I like it when good things happen to good people :)

  6. To answer the question in your title... not as well. :)

    Seriously, I was dealing with my diabetes but on auto-pilot and not in all that good control. I have no doubt that the DOC saved my life, both now and in the future by helping prevent complications and inspiring my better control.

  7. And a huge Thank You right back!!! :)

    Also, I have an endo appt next Friday that I'm not looking forward to - but I'll remember what you wrote about the morning of your appointment and try to channel the same calm feeling.

  8. beautifully said, and brings a smile to my face! :D

    congrats to you, not only on a kick-ass a1c, but on the feeling of calmness you achieved before you even learned it. :)