Friday, April 13, 2012

I Mean It

Flashback to a few weeks ago.  I'd had a terrible day.  Blood sugar stuck above 200 all day, no matter what I did.  Changing my set, rage bolusing, none of it made a difference.  That bg would not budge.

I was done.  It was one of those days when I wanted so badly to quit on diabetes.  I had been texting my husband about my hellish day, and he was his wonderful supportive self.

He asked what I wanted to do for dinner, and I replied that I didn't care, as long as it was low carb.  And thinking about that made me mad again.  Stupid diabetes!

Josh replied not to worry about it, that he would figure out dinner.

And I came home to this:

Baked tilapia, grilled asparagus, and herb salad.  All prepared by my husband.  Just for me, nice and low-carb and delicious, after a terrible day.

When I say he is my Type Awesome, I mean it.


  1. Your husband rocks, big time. :)

  2. you are one lucky girl!! i sometimes wonder if my husband knows where the kitchen is???

  3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unfairly, you got "the diabetes"...but deservedly you got "the great mate." It is that kind of balance that makes a little more sense out of life.

  4. In reading your article, all I needed to do was hover the mouse over your "my husband" link and I saw "my-husband-is-amazing.html". Then I knew exactly where this was going. Diabetes or not, you sure are lucky!

  5. Aww. That's so sweet. I'm slightly jealous. As wonderful as he is, my husband knows how to grill and how to make Ramen.