Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pump Panic


Put a new battery in my pump, and it won't turn on.  And I know that battery should be good.  Crap.

Another battery, still nothing.  Panic rising.  This night could get interesting.  I try a third new battery, and it finally turns back on.

Whew!  The panic subsides.  Now, I know that having a pump die is not the end of the world.  It's happened to me before.  But it's not fun.

As soon as my heart rate calms down, I call Medtronic.

"Sounds like a battery cap issue," says the nice customer support rep.  "We'll send a new cap out to you.  If that doesn't fix it, you're still under warranty, so we can replace the pump."

The new battery cap came yesterday.  And it made me laugh.  A lot!

A rather large box for such a tiny part! 


  1. Medtronic always sends GIGANTIC boxes!! its annoying. Love your purple pump.

  2. That was kinda like when I had the instruction sheets show up from animas on how to use my newly replaced pump clip... Sometimes it can be overkill.

  3. You got the new battery cap - but did it fix the problem? Just curious.

    1. haven't put it in yet. i'll let you know! :)

  4. They gotta make sure it doesn't get lost on the way! Wee little cap!

  5. I ordered two caps the third time that happened to me. That is one scarry thing. Good thing you got it to work.

  6. Oh, the fun of Medtronic box sizes! I've had that a few times over the years, and it's always a little panic-inducing before the MM reps talk you down. Glad they shipped you a new battery cap. Hope it fixes the issue!

  7. We recently had the same problem with our son's pump ... I called medtronic and they told us to use different batteries ... They said we should be using Energizer batteries and not Duracell .... I immediately bought new batteries and we haven't had any toubles since ... Knock on wood!

  8. I'm glad I am not the only one that gets sent small stuff from them in a large box. I ordered two pump skins and they came in a box about that sizes. Real big waste. Hope the new battery cap fixed the problem.

  9. Haha! FWIW, I've had bad batches of batteries before. Batteries from package A = awesome, month-long success stories. Batteries from package B of same brand = no bueno at all.