Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Half Free

Actual conversation between Josh and I last night:

     Me: "I need to take a shower and change my set."

     Josh: "Is it free shower day*?"

     Me: "Nope, sensor's staying put.  So it's only half free."

     About 30 seconds pass...

     Me: "This shower is 50% off!!!!"

     I laugh hysterically and Josh slowly shakes his head.

     Josh: "You need to tweet that."

A shower free from one of these!

Josh, I see your tweet and raise you a blog post!  Ha! 

We're no Jenny and Victor (warning: this link is kinda inappropriate but highly hilarious!), but we have fun.

*From the Diabetes Terms of Endearment: "Free Shower Day: Taking a shower on the day that your infusion set and/or CGM sensor are being swapped out, leaving your skin site-free."


  1. Actually, the Sure-T has two patches, so it's more like 67% off! (I see you also change your set at night against recommended practice. A Rebel like me!)

  2. It seems I hardly ever get a free shower day. I need to coordinate it all, I guess.

  3. That is AWESOME, Jess!!! OMG. I darn near fell out of my chair and spilled my glass of wine... which probably explains a lot right there. But anyhoo. Josh rules! As if I needed to tell you that. Great conversation, great tweet, great blog post.

  4. I love those days when the planets align just right and you can take a free shower! :D

  5. I like the idea of you and Josh being the Jenny and Victor of the DOC... minus the taxidermy, of course.

    I was talking with a group of fellow T1s about site changes, free showers, etc, when one of them said, "Sometimes I just like to look at myself in the mirror without all that stuff attached." That's really what it's about, isn't it?