Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Remember Me?

"Hi, you may not remember me," the woman said.  But I'm good with faces.

"Yes, I remember you!"  I said.

"How's your mom?"  she asked.

"Good,"  I reply, smiling.  "I can't believe you recognize me after all this time!"

"Of course I recognize you!" she says, smiling back.

my meter in elementary school.
photo credit: Mario on TuDiabetes
And who was this woman that I ran into?  My elementary school nurse!  Whom I haven't seen since I graduated sixth grade.  Which was (without getting too exact) more than 15 years ago.

Unfortunately, I was working, so we didn't get to talk very much.  Just a couple minutes of simple catching up.  What I was doing.  The school she's working at now.  That sort of thing.

I still can't believe that she recognized me.  But the more I've thought about it, the more I realize just how much time I spent in her office.  I was diagnosed right before the start of 4th grade.  Like weeks before.  And Mrs. H was my nurse for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

At my elementary school, I was one of two students with Type 1 Diabetes.  And "back in the day," we kept all our stuff in the nurse's office.  I didn't keep a meter on me or in the classroom.  I would walk to the nurse's office to check my blood sugar.  Every day.  And take my lunchtime injection.  Every day.

And Mrs. H was there.  Every day.

I wish I remembered more about her.  I wish I could rattle off some great anecdote about how she helped me, or some silly diabetes related thing I did.  But I can't.

Looking back now though, I can appreciate what she did for me.  And why she'd remember me.

Thanks Mrs. H, for taking care of me.  I may not remember much of it, but I remember that you were awesome.


  1. Awww! Lauren had the same nurse from K-high school graduation (by coincidence she kept moving up in schools as Lauren did), Of course by high school Lauren was as annoyed with her as she was with me lOL. But at graduation, I didn't cry. Not when Lauren led the school in as Student Council President. Not when she walked the stage. Not when she gave her speech (well a little there). But when Nurse Patty came over to me I BURST into tears! A good school nurse is a godsend.

  2. Aw that's sweet. My daughter got dx'd a few months into Kindergarten and she's now entering 3rd grade, it'll be the last year at this school and her last year with Miss Sharon her beloved Nurse. I'm not looking forward to moving schools and getting a new nurse we all love Miss Sharon and she and my girl are best buddies.

  3. Cool! It's great to have those folks who make the lives of CWD a bit easier...especially in the olden days! (Won't even mention that it's been twenty years since I graduated from high school!!)

  4. Mrs H was the best - and she cared very much about you. And she helped me feel better about my ignorance of T1. She was another of those 'behind the scenes - but what would I do w/o them' people who come into the lives of CWD. We were blessed to have her - and I'm glad she continues to bless the lives of children.

  5. That's so awesome! Justice had nurses assistants and he has anew one this year since we moved,,..he's very sad,.

    The relationship with that person who truly watches over our kids is priceless!

  6. Well, you are very memorable ;)

  7. I had that meter too! However, mine had a purple shark sticker on it. (Sharks. Blood. Get it?)

  8. this post made me emotional! i think it's because L's nurse for the whole time she has had D left at the end of the school year and i am anxious about who might replace her.

    i smiled reading your mom's comment. :)