Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Hate Exercise

I hate exercise.

I don't like to be hot.  I don't like to sweat.  I've never played any sports, or been athletic in any form.

But I know that in order to be healthy, I need to exercise.  Ugh.

When the weather's nice, I go for walks with my mom.  But the excessive heat this summer has made that impossible.  But I need to get some exercise, for the sake of my blood sugars and my sanity.  I've belonged to a gym before, but I never went.  So I don't want to join one again.

I decided to take a risk.  At the recommendation of some fellow DOC ladies on twitter, I (gulp) purchased Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD.

Double gulp.

Day 1, I thought I was going to die.  The next day, I was popping ibuprofen and could barely move.  Everything hurt.

Day 2, thought I was going to die.  Everything still hurt.

Day 3.  Hey, maybe I'm not going to die.  Only some things hurt.

Day 4.  Wow, I just did the whole 20 minutes without stopping.  And I'm only a little sore.

I didn't expect to feel stronger after only four days.  But I am.  My muscles are already getting stronger. Getting through the routine is still really difficult.  And I am so horribly out of shape.

But I think I can keep up with this.  Losing weight is not my goal.  Exercise is.

I can do this.

Please, please, please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program!  I am not a medical professional, nor am I endorsing everything Jillian Michaels does.  This DVD is helping me meet my own personal exercise goals.  And it's hard!  Again, please check with your doctor before exercising.  Thanks!


  1. I LOVE this! Lovelovelove! :]
    Getting over the mental block and getting started is more than half the battle, I think. I'm definitely in a lapse right now and really need to work on it--maybe this is an option to give me the kick I need [I mean, what is not exciting about ordering things online and then getting them in the mail? ;)]

    I am so stoked you are feeling better within just four days--it's amazing how quick some things happen [and a good motivator too :)]. If you need ANY encouragement, don't hesitate to let me know! <3

    Go Jess Go! :] You are awesome!

  2. Jillian Michaels also has all of those great coconut-based products.

    That fast progress is inspiring. Woo-hoo!

  3. This is awesome. I LOVE that you are so open and honest about it.
    You will FEEL so much better that it isn't even something you'll be able to put your finger on.

    I hope you find something you enjoy, that's what I always tell people. Keep looking for something you ENJOY doing because there's no sense wasting your time doing something you hate. It'll never stick if you hate it.


  4. Yay!! This is so inspiring! I'm like you...never enjoyed exercise at all. It was so easy to find excuses for not doing it...ever! Now I have a regular treadmill routine and it's made so much difference. Kudos to you for doing something positive for yourself.

  5. i relate so hard to everything you wrote about not wanting/liking to exercise. the sweatiness, yuck, etc.


    rock on with your shredding self! :)

  6. I'm pretty sure it would take me 40 days to get where you were on day 4...but I'm inspired! Congrats on taking the leap!

  7. I can't believe you convinced me to finally get this out of my Amazon shopping cart! #startingtomorrow #maybe