Monday, December 10, 2012

Never Crossed My Mind

Back in March, I wrote about my new love: Sure-T infusion sets.

But they did not love me back.  After a torrid affair, I have switched to a different set.  Why, you ask?

I thought I was going crazy.  Unexplained highs.  I could NOT figure out what was going on.  This summer, it was ridiculous.  I was having so many highs and could not explain why.  I don't mean binge eating highs, I mean highs FOR NO REASON.

I was changing my set every other day.  I thought it could be the insulin, so I replaced it.  Maybe something was wrong with my pump?  I called Medtronic multiple times to troubleshoot, to no avail.  Still high a lot.  Scar tissue?  None that we could find.

I called my CDE in tears.  After several months of this craziness, I was done.  I was about ready to give up on the pump, because I could not figure this out.

My CDE was out of the office when I called, so I spoke to another CDE in the practice.  Barely got my words out, I was so upset.

"Have you tried different sets?" she asked.

The thought had never crossed my mind.  I LOVED my Sure-Ts.  The steel cannula can't kink, I can barely feel it when I put it in.  My beloved Sure-Ts couldn't possibly be the culprit.

Oh yes they could.  I started using Mio sets.  And guess what?  All those random highs?  Gone.

What the eff?

Since then, I've talked to a couple different people on Twitter who've had a similar experience.  For some reason, my body really doesn't like the steel cannulas.  The insulin just doesn't absorb.

I want to be clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sure-Ts.  It's not the sets, it's my body.  I don't think I'll be able to use any kind of steel cannula set.

For several months now, I've been using Mio sets.  I miss the Sure-T.  But I don't miss all the highs.  Or feeling like I was losing my mind.  But I do like the Mios.  I've been having good luck with those.  They hurt more than the Sure-Ts to put in.  But they work.  At least mostly.  I still sometimes have kinked sets, occlusions, and hit bad spots.  I have diabetes, after all.

But my body absorbs the insulin just fine from the plastic cannula.  Thank goodness!  What a relief!

And at least the Mios come in pink.

Aftermath of a set change


  1. loved mios when I used them. I never tried sure-ts but the mios were great. And I loved that they were so durably portable. and colorful :)

  2. We've used the Animas Insets for years and LOVE THEM...they're basically the same thing as the Mio. PINK!!! Bonus ;)

    Glad you got it figured out...HIGHS BE GONE!

  3. My son uses Animas Insets as well. I've never heard of stainless would be great if they actually worked. Avoiding the kinks would be nice.

    By the way, I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Come check it out!

  4. I'm glad you found something that works. Your post back in March got me to try the Sure-T, and personally I couldn't be happier (though I admit I've been curious about the Mio). I love how easy and painless the insertion is, and how -- like I did when I had unexplained highs about an hour ago, I could pull the set out of one spot and insert it somewhere else. There's no "process", so there's no internal negotiation as to whether the site is at fault and needs to be changed.

    That said, it has its faults. I only use my lower back as an infusion site, since it's a part of my body that doesn't really move. My abdomen crunches and scrunches as I move around, and I don't particularly like the needle moving with me.

  5. Glad to hear that you figured something out!

  6. I'm glad that changing the sites you use was able to help!

  7. Thanks for posting this. I just mentioned this in a blog post, I will publish it Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Thank you for sharing!!!!