Monday, March 25, 2013

Interesting Total...

I was ordering my pump supplies online.  Nothing unusual about that.  Until I saw the pre-insurance total:

Two thoughts.  One, thank the Lord I have health insurance.  Two, I've never seen that before!  Giggle-snort!

This is what $666 worth of pump supplies looks like, in case you were wondering.  Four boxes of sets and two boxes of reservoirs.

And I am so grateful for health insurance.


  1. If you get an unusual amount of gushers or kinks, there might be something more to worry about... #666. #DiabetesGods&theDevil

  2. I am so afraid of ordering online from Medtronic because it doesn't even acknowledge insurance on the web site (meaning, of course, I have no idea what my stuff really costs). I always call, which is a real hassle. Thanks for convincing me that it works -- and that it sure ain't cheap!

  3. HA. I came home from London last month to a $666 lab bill - they were still trying to bill my old insurance.