Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am hard on insulin pumps.

It happened again.  A crack appeared in my pump.  This one was bigger than usual too!  A full centimeter long.

A quick call to Medtronic customer support, and a replacement pump was on the way.  I love their customer service!  Although, I do have one critique.  Can they be some kind of bypass system for people who've replaced more than 5 pumps?  I don't need the whole spiel- I've heard it all before.  The rep was cracking up because I just kept saying "Yup" as he read through the script.

Goodbye, my poor old worn out, scratched, and cracked pump.  Thanks for taking care of me.

And on an unrelated note, Medtronic also sent me a new pump clip free of charge, I think since I've had to replace mine a couple times.  And it's one of their new clear ones!  Pretty fly, if you ask me. (And sorry about the white bubble- had to cover up some stuff.)

*Medtronic sent me a replacement pump as part of my warranty.  I did receive the pump clip free of charge, but was not asked to blog about it or my experience with their customer service.


  1. Same color pump as my younger d-daughter.

  2. That was the crack spot for my pumps. There and at the reservoir threading. That is an awesome pump clip!