Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feeling Adventurous

1998.  That's when I started on my first insulin pump.  August of 1998 to be exact.  That's almost 15 years ago.

Which is a long time.  And a lot of pump sites.  After exclusively using my stomach for years, I can't use that area anymore.  I have insulin pooches there that will probably never go away.  My arms work well, as does my lower back.  But I want to find some new spots.  And avoid wearing out the ones I've got.

Legs?  I've tried thigh sites multiple times over the years, and they just don't work for me.  They always kink up within 24 hours.

And I can't go too low on my lower back, or I get bleeders.  The sites have to be around my love handles.  Any lower, and they turn into a hot mess.

Last week, I was feeling adventurous.  So I decided to try a new spot: my butt.  The side butt, as Jacquie says, to be exact.  I used to wear Medtronic sensors there with good results, so I decided to try my luck with sets.

I'm now on my third butt set, and they're working wonderfully.  A huge sigh of relief for me.  And my arms and lower back are enjoying the break.


  1. ohhh i'm TOTALLY a side butt site girl. it's a part of my regular rotation!

  2. Same here. I use it often but I do notice they are bloody (some days) but still work well.

  3. hahahaha you said butt! :)
    (for real. glad you found success)

  4. Still working up the nerve to try this area out....

  5. Glad you've found a spot that works. I generally wear certain sites out entirely before moving on to another.

    Do you find that different types of infusions sets work better in different spots? I still find the Sure-T works best in my lower back, but would never try it on my stomach. The butt-sites (via Silhouette) work when I need to better hide the site (like for swimming), but if I'm sitting all day, the scrunched-up body tissue in the area kills any chance of good absorption.

    Ah, the games we play. And the victories we celebrate when we achieve them...

  6. Haven't ventured beyond belly sites in all my 23 years of D. I just can't get up the nerve to try a different site. I have 90-degree cannulas, and I don't think I have the requisite inch of fat to pinch up anywhere but the ol' gut. Which is not to say I'm skinny, I'm betting if I really got in shape, I'd be muscular. Good luck with your continued experiments!

  7. You have a cute butt to put your sets in - smd as your Mother, I can say this w/o prejudice!

  8. You touched the butt!!!


  9. It's so messed up how little space we actually have when you consider our bodies square footage!
    I hated thigh sites, they kinked up on me too. Butt sites never seemed to absorb properly. My abdomen was/is destroyed. I used my arms so much I got too much scar tissue.
    I was stuck with side/lower back and... BOOBIES. Yup. that's it.
    I am sans pump now but I can totally still relate.

  10. I have great luck with butt sites too. And I use thighs for my CGM. Thanks for mentioning the arm sites - I haven't had the best luck with them but should probably give them a try again.