Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Favorite Words

Had my annual eye exam yesterday.  And my ophthalmologist uttered five of my most favorite words in the universe: "No signs of diabetic retinopathy."

Whew!  I feel like I can breathe again for another year.


  1. Here's my 5 words for you:

    Yeah yeah, baby, no retinopathy! (Meant to be done with a dance like the running man or the fax machine.)

  2. Kept looking for a like button. Duh.
    Excellent news. Im starting to wonder if my adult friends with diabetes prefer OBGYN appointments more than eye appointments. The fear and anxiety seem less with things down under vs. the eyes.
    Congrats on another year of beautiful peepers inside and out.

  3. Congratulations... great news. How can you focus the camera when your eyes are like that?

  4. All I could think of was the "I see what you did there" meme!