Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes Diabetes Plays Nicely

Diabetes is a fickle beast.  Sometimes it plays nice, and sometimes it doesn't.  Thankfully, diabetes played pretty nicely on our trip to D.C.

Travel usually throws my blood sugars way off, so I came prepared.  Plenty of glucose tabs, as well as extra insulin and syringes.  You never know.

Flying stresses me out and I forgot to sent a temp basal, so I was stuck in the upper 200s for most of our journey to D.C.  Once we arrived and I was no longer stressed (and the corrections FINALLY kicked in) things were looking more normal.

Overall, I am amazed at how on target my blood sugars were during our trip.  I had highs and lows of course, but not really any more than usual.  Which was surprising.  My daily routine was completely out the window.  We were eating out for every meal.  And I was indulging in foods I couldn't get at home, SWAGing my heart out.  I was on vacation, damn it!

So why did things go so well on the diabetes front?  Walking.  I walked my ass off.  We didn't have a rental car.  Our hotel was within a couple miles of most of the monuments and museums.  We did use the Metro, but it can only get you so close.  So we walked.  A lot.  On two of the days, we walked about 28,000 steps.  Thirteen miles!  Yikes!

From our hotel to the Washington Monument, to the World War II Memorial, to the Korean and Vietnam memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, MLK, FDR, and Jefferson.  Not to mention the museums.  Quite a hike, but more than worth every step.

World War II memorial.

Eleanor Roosevelt.  Amazing woman.

Lincoln.  Need I say more?

I was worried about lows, but only had a few.  I bolused quite conservatively and had snacks, and it all seemed to balance out.  A little planning, a whole lotta luck, and I couldn't have been happier.

So thank you diabetes, for playing nicely.  It'd be lovely if you'd do that more often.


  1. it's AMAZING how much walking can really help. makes me want a treadmill at my desk :)

  2. Yeah nice diabetes! Even after eating my cookie... :-P

  3. Congrats on a great trip... sounds like a huge success. I forgot how much walking there is along the mall in D.C.

  4. I find the same thing when in NYC. The walking really does wonders for the blood sugars.

  5. DC is a great city for walking. (And to Brian, all I have to say is "Mmm... cookies.")

  6. Sounds like a great trip! I've seen most of those sites, but since it was 1995 (8th grade field trip), I don't really remember much. Maybe a return trip is in order. I guess I'd have to bring diabetes this time too!

    Mmmm... cookies...

  7. Thanks for the share! Sounds like you were extremely well prepared. I know whenever I travel with my son I always have everything from extra syringes to Welches Juice Boxes for him. By any chance did you get to see a Nationals game while you were there?!

    1. Sorry for the late reply!

      And no, we didn't. Impossible to squeeze everything in in one week!